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Recommended by WHICH? Gardening
as Best  Tool for the Allotment.

ON TEST - UNUSUAL TOOLS.  October 2008 issue
(Tool tested - 8" Medium Azada)

It's brilliant, in fact I haven't touched my spade since I got it - and so much easier on the back. Mrs Wood, Somerset

What a tool! Arrived today, job done, would have taken me days with a spade. Paul Stone, Shrewsbury.

I used the Medium Azada for the first time over the weekend, digging over a large area ready for turfing. Very impressed ... it saves a lot of backache that I usually get from spadework. Mr W Heritage, Sheffield.

The Azada arrived today -- the first really good day for digging. I put aside other projects and hit the dirt. The clay soil, grass, weeds and tree roots went flying! This thing is GREAT! I cleared twice the area in half the time taken with other tools. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Deborah Tait, Colonial Beach, Virginia, USA

I just wanted you to know how pleased I am. I have used it a bit on the allotment, weather permitting, and it really is proving to be possibly the best gardening purchase I have ever made. Scarlett Cannon, London.





The Right Tools for the Job

Why do we insist on making such hard work of digging and cultivating our plots with tools that make us bend and strain our backs when millions of people all over the world work the soil with faster, easier and more logical tools which avoid much of the drudgery and backache that we take so much for granted?

If you subscribe to the philosophy of "no pain, no gain" then go no further - if, on the other hand, you see no virtue in making hard work even harder then try these tools and you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.



Your tools & your service are superb. I would recommend you to anyone. Mr T Smith, Bexhill-on-Sea 



I have just cleared a large allotment which was covered with ten-foot  brambles. Short of bringing a tractor onto the site, I can't think how I could have got the rootballs out, if it hadn't been for your Azada. But once I got the swing right, I was cutting them out with one stroke. I can't tell you how gratifying it is to turn round at the end of a couple of hours and see how much you've cleared. With this thing in your hand you feel like the Bionic Man!
George Monbiot, Environmental Campaigner, Author and Columnist.


The Azada is brilliant, halves the work time, increases the tea-and-biscuits time!!   R Jefford, Eastbourne.


The tools arrived safely this morning. I rushed to the allotment after work to try them out. They are both superb, but especially the Azada which is a revelation and is also generating a lot of interest among fellow plot-holders! I cannot believe that these tools are not more widely available. So thanks for providing such an excellent service. Stuart Wilks, Liverpool


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