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Easy to master and brutally effective at turning over soil, drawing out trenches or earthing up crops, all in double quick time. An allotment essential.
(Medium Azada)
Tried and tested, Garden News, October 2007

Many purchasers have been kind enough to get in touch and express their satisfaction with their Azadas. Below is a selection of their comments with my thanks to them.

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I first came across the Azada in an article you wrote for the HDRA magazine a couple of years ago. As I have a bit of a back problem and find digging with a spade or fork hard and painful work, I thought I'd give the Azada a try. At the time I was digging up a very well established and over-grown herbaceous border. After two hours painful digging I could clear only a very small area. When the Azada arrived I carried on and after two hours I had cleared four times as much without suffering any discomfort at all. I was hooked!! I have used it to earth up my potatoes and leeks and for further ground clearance. It is a marvellously versatile and useful tool and I don't know why it is not in more general use. My wife also has one and she is also a convert. - Mr Peter Davies, Denbigh

At last I've been able to use my Azada even though the ground was still frozen on Sunday. It was amazing how effortless it was to dig in ground impossible with a spade. In a few minutes I had dug an area which would have taken a considerable time normally and left me with an aching back. These should be available on the NHS - it would save the country a fortune in back treatment! Have sent you another order.
Roger Grenville, Rickmansworth, Herts

About 10 years ago I wanted to plant a tree and had to ask a neighbour to help with the digging. Now at the age of 67 I have done the same job with ease. The reason is that I have an Azada, something like an extra large hoe which chops the soil rather than digging it. They are widely used overseas and I wish I had had one years ago.
Letter from Janet Pascoe to the HDRA magazine "The Organic Way".

They have proved to be an absolute godsend and I am forever singing their praises. I only wish they had come to my notice years ago, but never mind, a tool which enables this 77 year old to chop out couch grass is well appreciated.
Mrs Jan Hunt - Norwich

I am so pleased with my recent purchase of a Medium Azada - it really is a good tool to use in my allotment. Will you please send me a Lightweight Azada.
Mr T Maslen, Caerphilly

It's been a real blessing for clearing my hard packed, weed infested ground. Ideal for preparing for my beans, trenching and clearing ditches. An added bonus is that I'm finding it really useful for cleaning out the chicken houses!
Linda Andrews
"Smallholder" magazine, Gloucester

I have to admit I was sceptical when I first saw your Azadas but once having used it I now find it one of the most useful tools on the holding. So much easier and quicker than a spade which is now almost redundant, and it can be used for so many different tasks. I recommend the Azada to all visitors to the garden
David Barker - Barker Organics, Wolterton Park, Wolterton, Norwich.

My husband is delighted with his Azada, he can't wait to use it when the weather finally permits. I knew he had used one before, when he was learning his gardening at his grandfather's knee but I hadn't realised to what extent. Apparently his grandfather used it for everything, just as you indicated could be done. The size is just right and I think he considers it one of the best Christmas presents he's ever had! Thank you so much for the information and advice.
Mrs M Taylor - Warrington, Cheshire

The Light Medium Azada is brilliant. I can't stop digging! I have been recommending your site to friends.
Cary Bazalgette - London

It's great! I used it today on some very hard ground and it worked beautifully. I managed to cover a greater area than with a spade, but will probably be aching tomorrow!
Sue Halket - Egham, Surrey

We now have 5 of your tools and find all of them invaluable in the development of our gardens.So thank you, and keep up the good work.
Liz O'Halloran
Merryweather's Herbs

Thanks for sending the heavy Azada so promptly. It has been just amazing! We've been able to clear ground that was really impossible with a spade, and which looked like a mechanical digger job!
Duncan Brown, Nairn, Scotland

I think the Azada is great .... don't know how I managed without it all these years. I'm sure the other two will further increase my efficiency!
Martin Tod, Carnwath, S. Lanarkshire

WOW! I have just taken on an allotment that has not been worked for many years. I originally dug two beds using two different methods both using a traditional spade. This had the disadvantage of cutting up the couch grass, which then had to be removed a using a fork for one bed and a sieve for the other. The beds took 4 hours and six hours respectively. But missed bits of couch grass are already re-sprouting in the first bed. When your tools arrived this week the right angled fork allowed me to rip the couch grass from the ground intact. I then used the Azada to dig the ground. The first bed took me three hours! I am confident that few couch grass roots have been left to re-sprout. Because these tools are easier on my back I can work more hours in one go and I can work every day (instead of every other day with a traditional spade)
Thank you
Mark Norwood, Leighton Buzzard

Hi Simon,
Thank you for the prompt and fast dispatch of my order. I'd like to tell you that I have received it and can't wait to put it to work. Coming from an agricultural family in Greece, I am all too familiar with the powers and capabilities of this tool. So I don't have to use it before commenting on it. Regards Angeliki

Just to let you know, I have already put the Azada to good use and it performed as expected; cleared my allotment from all the grass and weeds in less than a day. A job which I tried to make a start on using a spade. After a few hours of sheer punishment and the minimum of progress, I rushed to the Internet and can definitely say it was the right move. Thanks again.
Angeliki Tsokaiti, Cardiff

It's brilliant! The sheer beauty of the tool was apparent from the first stroke. There is nothing more satisfying than using something so apparently simple that magnifies your effort to produce a result that would normally involve a great deal more sweat, time and backache. It's become by far our favourite and most-used tool and if we had to choose only one garden tool the Azada would be it.
Dorothy, London

Thank you for my tools, I am delighted with them. I will place a new order as soon as I can. A pleasure to do business with you! Regards and best wishes.
J Thomas

Just to say thank you for the Azadas I received from you (the postman was a bit bemused!). Absolutely brilliant. I shall be tempted to collect the whole set!
Clare Butler, Bucks

My Azadas arrived today and firstly I have to congratulate you on your packaging, so economical and so little waste material. And, like the other satisfied clients on your website, I want to add my thanks for such splendid tools. Not knowing any better, I purchased a spade and fork and both have been defeated by the heavy clay soil which is full of weeds. I spent yesterday on my hands and knees trying to clear the overgrown grass crowding around some soft fruit bushes and there was a very small space cleared at the end of the day. But today, with my small (hand) Azada I have cleared three times as much with no strain. Having had back surgery, I have to be careful with heavy work but this wonderful tool made clearing the ground easy and I was able to sit down and really get dug in. I am keeping the big one as a surprise for my sister who has kindly offered to come and get the majority of the plot cleared. She will be amazed when she sees there is an alternative to all that strain and hard labour. Many thanks from another delighted customer.
Sue Baker, Tunbridge Wells

This tool cuts through the earth and weeds with very little effort. I cleared a weedy bed on my allotment in a fraction of the time it would have taken with a fork and spade. My Azada is going to get a lot of use in the future and I have recommended it to friends. Thanks!
Mr. J Betteridge, Slough

Thank you for your swift delivery, the Azada arrived today. Made swift work of the soil in my allotment and makes a great sound when it hits the earth. Not only do I now look like an extra in the film "Deliverance" when I carry it, everyone who has seen it is amazed! Thanks, I am now talk of the allotment society! Best wishes.
Clare Serginson, N Yorks

I must write and tell you that the Azada is a great tool. I've used it on my allotment and I'm as pleased as Punch. It's the best tool I've ever bought. Thank you ever so much.
Peter Burke, Stamford, Links

Thank-you for my chunkul, I have already dug my vegetable plot and borders even though people walking past kept on stopping asking what it was.  I had forgotten how good they are and will pass on you URL to others.
Mr F Pratt, Leighton Buzzard

I must say that these tools really do live up to your descriptions. They save hours and hours of work.
Paul Harrington, Poole, Dorset

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this wonderful tool! I've been a complete convert to the Azadas since last year when I bought one of your smallest Azadas to help with my then newly acquired allotment, and I really wish I'd got a right-angled fork at the same time - It's taking out the horrible dock root in one go with very few snapped roots, and as you can get up to a much faster work rate, I've cleared as much in one day, as took me 3 days to clear earlier in the year. It just eats through the couch grass - takes out whole clumps roots and all, rather than cutting it up & digging out clods of earth with it. I know you have a lot of customer commendations, but I can really see why, this tool has totally changed what I can realistically get done in one day, without causing nearly so much of the annual 'diggers back'. I just love the minimalist packaging by the way - such an elegant solution & so little waste! The postmen seemed a bit bemused when they delivered the various tools though!
Kate Appleby, Cheshire

I put in two 20ft rows of early potatoes with the medium azada this weekend, much easier and quicker than using a spade and no aches and pains the next day.  Can't see me using my spade much anymore!  The right angled fork has also proved to be great for clearing grass/weeds etc off the allotment. The new azada is for one of the old boys at the allotments who was sceptical at first but soon converted!
Mr R Gill, Harpenden

I received it yesterday. My postman wanted to know what I was up to with two such vicious looking tools! I reassured him that they were for my allotment! The azadas are proving to be a god-send - it's so much easier to prepare the ground for planting. My plot is new, reclaimed from wasteland and so needs lots of digging. I simply don't have enough strength to dig that amount of ground with a normal spade but with the azadas I can really get stuck in.
Tabitha Metcalfe, Woking

I'm pleased there's someone out there offering these tools - really solid and well made, got an azada for the missus for Xmas after seeing the way George Monbiot tore up his plot on our allotment site and after she'd twisted her knee after digging with a fork for too long, also got one for my dad, who's had a knee replacement and finds digging with a spade awkward - both find them really useful.
David Tucker, Oxford

It's for a friend who's just taken over an allotment, waist high with weeds, not having been cultivated fro 18 months so she needs all the help she can get!
I've been really thrilled (and envied by all) with the Azada, mattock and spade I bought from you. The only problem is that, since they're so effective, I'm much in demand for things like allotment clearance! More precisely, when the call to work ends with "... and please bring your strange Mediterranean digging implement", I rather suspect it's the tools more than my gardening skills that are in demand.
Dominic Stringer, Leamington Spa

I have received my Azada, delivered with some humour by the postman who remarked he felt like the Grim Reaper!  I wanted to write straight away as I used it for the first time today on my allotment.  Wow!  I was amazed how quickly I made progress....digging double the ground in half the time, and thoroughly enjoying the exercise which feels much much more natural to the body.  My preferred method is to raise the Azada above my head, bend the knees, think of something that really annoys me and then with a whole body swing from the hips, let the Azada swing down into the imagined offender.  Not only does it do a great job of digging the soil, but the body also loves the exercise and it is wonderful for the nervous system as unwanted feelings of stress can be released easily and safely!!  I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous service you are offering and add my voice to the other testimonials on your site.
Name withheld at writer's request, Wiltshire

We were clearing a patch of land to park our motorhome on and I was having trouble shifting the turf and soil with a spade due to the amount of stones, debris, a bad back and poor weather, we gave up after two hours of very hard and back breaking work.Having seen your advertisement in the Grow Your Own magazine the Azada seemed the perfect tool for the job, we received our Heavy duty (mine) and the Light medium (my wife’s) Azadas just after Christmas and used them the very same day that they arrived.Within a few hours we had cleared the complete area. It was still hard work but a lot easier with the Azadas and less stress on your back. Azadas are a perfect tool for this and many other gardening jobs. I have looked at your other tools and I now have a wish list for birthdays and Christmas. Thanks for providing this excellent tool.
S Rooney, Berwickshire.

Hi Simon. Just to say that I used my Azada on the allotment this afternoon - wow! I am an immediate convert and join the ranks of those  who have written to you singing its praises.This is definitely going to be  a very very useful implement. I seem to be getting the hang of it quite well and set to on my two allotments (tidy allotment and new waste ground one) with very good results. I think my allotment neighbour may well be in touch with you soon!
Jan Laugharne, Cardiff

Conquering our bramble wilderness allotment with ease thanks to the Medium Azada bought from you last week. Now we want the big one too. Great tools, thank you.
BM & WD, Oxford 

Simon, I think you’ve just solved that age old dilemma for me, namely that of what to buy for friends and relations who ‘have everything’ – nobody has an Azada and everyone so far has been absolutely delighted with their highly practical and unique gift – not bad for £25 - £30!
Keith Swinburne, Huntingdon

The Azada arrived this am...The postman rang the doorbell and said "I feel like the bl**dy Grim Reaper stood standing here with this in my hand!" Last week it took me over an hour to clear a patch approx 1 metre square(using a fork).  Heavy clay soil, covered with weeds.  I used the Azada this am and did 4 times the area in about 10 minutes.Am going to cancel my gym membership as I think my stomach muscles will be getting a work out, and bingo wings will be a thing of the past. Am absolutely delighted. Thank you.
Mrs Anne Raftery, Sheffield

This is possibly the best tool I've ever owned. It's going to save us hours of backbreaking work ..... and I've only had it for a day, and haven't even worked out the best way to use it yet! I cannot understand why so few people know about then .... or why garden centres don't stock them. I only wish I'd discovered the things two and a half years ago when we first started this garden project .... we'd probably have finished it now.
Lorna McHardy, Fife

Just received my medium Azada - what a wonderful tool! Cleared 20 square metres of rough ground in no time with no backache! I wish I'd heard about Azadas years ago.
Bob Nicholson, Tyne& Wear

Received the Azada on Thursday. What an excellent tool! Beats a spade any time and so easy to use. Have used it to dig the foundations for my allotment shed - it did the job in half the time that it would have taken with a spade. It is now my best friend, apart from the wife.
Ian Mitchell, Stevenage

I thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with my azada. It makes clearing the ground so much easier and the way it chops the soil leaves it in a crumblier state than I have ever managed to get it before.  This will make planting so much easier in future. I am really looking forward to my trips to the allotment now; although I get some strange looks on the way.
A Matthews, Stevenage

The tools arrived at 9am and we spent a full day clearing brambles. They are excellent.
G Bailey, Ryde

Lovely tools and really enjoy using them. Nice to have something in this throwaway age that will last a lifetime. Someone kindly bought me an Asda digging fork for £6.99 and it broke after 3 days' use - metal fatigue!!
Will Latham, Harlesden

I received the Azada first thing this morning  and have been using it all day. It's a great piece of kit and wish I had bought one years ago. Thanks for the great service.
T Mairs, Liverpool

I received my new Azada last Thursday, only had half an hour to try it out and get the technique right before the rain. I was pleasantly surprised at how much got turned over and how easy to use it was. Today has been the best weather-wise we've had for a long time. It took me just two hours th prepare the entire potato bed! This is definitely the best digging tool I have ever used.
Nigel Lock, Halifax.

A short note of thanks to say I used my Azada for the first time last Friday on my allotment. In my haste to make use of this summer and get some vegetables growing on some beds I had cleared, the rest of my new allotment had rather got on top of me (or put another way, the weeds were running out of control)
The Azada was everything you and George Monbiot said it would be. A nice tool to use and after about 5 hours of enjoyable swinging I had the majority of the rampant weed cut down. I can now use it at my leisure to tidy up the bits that need fine tuning.
P Brindley, Surrey

The Azada has lived up to the blurb on your website. A truly excellent tool. I am new to allotmenting and having dug a couple of overgrown  heavy clay plots with a spade and a fork I can certainly confirm that life is much easier with an azada.
John Devis

Here in the Algarve we call them "enchadas". I sent one to my father some years ago as a Christmas present - he said it was the best tool he had ever used. Thank you for bringing the British public's attention to what we consider an everyday item. C A Bennets, Portugal

This is not just another gimmick, it really works extremely well. I wish I'd heard of it 50 years ago.
 Mr H J Raimbach Chairman, S Bucks Organic Gardeners (Aff. Soil Association)

Thanks for sending the heavy Azada so promptly. It has been just amazing! We've been able to clear ground that was really impossible with a spade, and which looked like a mechanical digger job!
Duncan Brown, Nairn, Scotland

The Azada has been invaluable in hacking off large areas of weed, levelling paths and lowering them and chopping the soil to use elsewhere. I am 68 years old and find a spade terribly hard on the back, but somehow the Azada, because the effort is chiefly in lifting it, is OK on my back.
Mr. D Easton, Ashford, Kent

 Please send me one Medium Azada ..... I continue to be impressed by the versatility of the Heavy Azada I bought from you a couple of years ago. Apart from planting a large number of trees on steep, rocky slopes, I've used it in reclaiming an allotment which one might euphemistically term neglected. Amongst the other jobs, I dug out a medium sized elm which I was told would need a tractor. I've also trenched most of the plot, breaking up the panned subsoil to about two feet down. It takes and holds a knife edge and without the slightest doubt the Azada is more than twice as fast as a good stainless steel spade and far less tiring as one works in a more erect position and more muscle groups are used. I watched a neighbour of mine using a spade: the difference is impressed upon one.
Two comments from passers by remain with me:-
One: "Foreigners use them!" (They clearly know more than us!)
Two: "I see you've had a tractor on your allotment". I showed this chap my Azada - he took some convincing that it had done the job.
Mr Higginbottom
Bakewell, Derbyshire

I have to agree with the other comments you have received - I was able to dig far more ground in a short time than I ever could with conventional tools. Furthermore, my back did not suffer in the process.
Claire James - Coventry

Just a note to say that the heavy duty azada has done an excellent job in clearing a large tree root and helping me turn over my garden veg plot, even though I am a 53 year old with significant illness damage to my left shoulder and elbow which has limited my ability to use a standard spade. It really has proved to be an excellent tool. As I am 6' 2" tall one suggestion would be to offer the option of a slightly longer handle for taller members of the community, but this is a minor detail. I have therefore been more than happy to spread the word about azadas from Get Digging amongst gardening acquaintances in this corner of Greater Manchester.
Arnold Jeffares, Ashton under Lyne

Thank you, the tools arrived first thing Monday morning just as you predicted. We bought our house three years ago because the large garden appealed to us with having children, unfortunately the reality was that the garden was a neglected vegetable plot and was completely overgrown with weeds. My biggest problem was how I was going to tackle eradicating the large area of couch grass which formed a thick matting over the entire area. I came across your website whilst doing a google search for 'couch grass' and decided to give the Azada a try. I was amazed on Monday evening when the right angled fork just ripped the couch out at the roots with what seemed like no effort whatsoever, I couldn't believe I was finally making progress in what until now has seemed an impossible task. I'm very encouraged that with the help of the azada/fork that I'm at last going to make the garden a usable space for our children to play in. Thank you very much. Best Wishes
Carl Knight, Carnforth, Lancs

Hello, just got my mini trowels and used them at the weekend. What can I say? Brilliant service and brilliant tools. Thanks.
Ian Blundell, Stourport on Severn, Worcs

I bought one of these for my elderly father who was having trouble digging his vegetable plot. After five minutes with it myself, I had to have one for my allotment! Your long handled spade, which hitherto I swore by, has met its match!
Bill Phillpott, Haringay, London

Thank you for my tools, I am delighted with them. I will place a new order with you as soon as I can. A pleasure to do business with you.
Mrs J Thomas, Stafford

Hello and thank you for the Medium Azada and Right Angled Fork which came, as promised, last week. I rushed down to the allotments and used the fork to set about the couch grass on my number three plot. This plot has had no digging on it for three years so the couch grass has had time to get well established. I completely cleared in less than two hours an area the size of which had taken three sessions and over six hours the previous week  with a spade and fork. This time, no backache, no sweating and no stopping! Hard, compacted path areas thick with couch grass are no longer left alone - I positively relish clearing every last trace of weed. The Azada saw service on that first day too, chopping out those annoying clumps of grass you get growing on the edge of pathways between plots which can make carrying full watering cans a risky business - all the paths are now flat and clear. Keeping three allotments cultivated will be a lot easier now and I've recommended the tools to everyone down at the site.
I say this to anyone umming and ahhing about spending the money: it'll be the best tool you've ever bought!!
Mike Brooking, Surrey

Fantastic tool - utilised the sharpness and width in stripping the accumulated vegetation from a derelict allotment and then found the blade weight a bonus when coarse digging. Brutal but very effective - and at least 3 times quicker than a spade with none of the backache that seems to go with spadework. One of the principal advantages is that you can easily swap hands and leg positions without any loss in efficiency - unlike spadework where I suspect we all have a good side and an uncoordinated side! Tony Donaldson, Derbyshire.

I thought I'd send you some feedback on my medium 7" Azada. I bought this to help me landscape my back garden. It's not a massive garden, but it feels the same to me as the Blenheim estate must have felt to Capability Brown. It has a slight slope downwards, and is covered with layers of membrane and pea gravel which need to be removed before any restructuring can be done.
I envy people who say they can dig or garden for hours and it doesn't affect them. I simply can't. I have undiagnosed painful symptoms through my head, neck, arm, back and leg and these not only make digging difficult, but they put me off going out to work in the overgrown garden altogether. This past weekend I have spent a couple of hours each day in the garden using the Azada, and you should see how much progress I've made. It's unbelievable and, although I'm aching slightly and have blisters on my hands, it's certainly been worth it. I have successfully dug over about a third to one half of the garden, and the difference is unbelievable. It took a while to get used to the technique, or rather lack of it. But then that's the beauty of the Azada - it can be used any which way is comfortable. I used a combination of swinging it over my head to swinging it from the side, from using it left and then right handed. It depended on how tired I was feeling. I had to dig a little and then stop for a breather, but even that little digging made more progress than a spade ever would. I was also stopping to marvel at how much I had done in just that short space of time. One strike cuts through the overgrowth so I can see where to cut next. The next strikes through the pea gravel and the membrane, and the next breaks into the mud pulling away the membrane and exposing the earth. I'd be lucky to get so far with a conventional spade in five minutes, let alone taking just a couple of minutes the Azada takes. If I had any gripes with it at all, and there is only one, it would be to put some shock absorbing material for the hands to grip on around the handle. Sometimes the handle slipped, and this might be what gave me blisters. I'd also warn people to take care near their shins too - I've a nasty bump and bruise after the tool slipped onto my leg. Aside from that there's absolutely nothing you can find wrong with this tool. To anyone considering getting an Azada - forget the conventional spades and forks. This is the last and only tool you will ever need. I don't understand why garden centres and DIY shops aren't selling more of these. They may look a little daunting at first but they are very useful. It reaches parts conventional spades cannot reach. The dream of having a beautiful garden is now finally becoming a reality - thanks to my Azada.
Julia Baker, Doncaster

What a tool, arrived today, job done, would have taken me days with a spade.
Paul Stone, Shrewsbury.

You should be ashamed of yourself for not letting me know a lot sooner about this superb tool! It arrived the other day with two postmen (who are now thinking of getting allotments themselves now thanks to the "Azada") wanting to know where it came from and how much it cost. I eventually got rid of them and headed straight for my allotment. To my amazement I dug in 15 minutes what would have taken me most of the day. I am very grateful open heart surgery patient, Thank you very much.
Peter Bennett, Wirral

The tools arrived Saturday and were put to good use the next day. As allotment novices, my husband was surprised that I had spent so much money instead of buying a cheap spade and fork from B&Q. His initial scepticism was quickly replaced by amazement when he started using the tools. The heavy ground that had not been cultivated for 3 years would have been impossible to dig without the Azada. Money well spent!
N Heathcote-Hems, Chesterfield

I didn't expect the chopping technique to kill off the vegetation quite as well as it did. As you say, practice makes perfect and I am very pleased with the azada.  So is my friend for whom I bought the heavy azada. He manged to clear the stumps of about 20 leylandii in less than an afteroon.  They had been defeating him for more than two years!
Michael Adkinson, Yorks 

Just to give you soome feedback. Both the azada and the sickle are great. The azada in particular is wonderful - it makes light work of the soil at the allotment, which is full of ironstone pebbles which clog up my Mantis cultivator. It's much quicker just to use the azada. I'll be ordering one of the pointed ones in due course. Thanks again for making such terrific tools available.
John Woodman, Melton Mowbray

Received the scythe within a few days of ordering. What craftsmanship! It is well worth the money and will last years. Purchased a sickle a few months ago and this was the same. Thank you very much. Both tried and tested on a wilderness allotment and worked wonders.
Sharon Fradley, Derbyshire

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the tools ordered, (long handled fork and an azada). From the off I realised that they were going to be easy to use, no laborious messing around with unnecessary packing, which then needs to be disposed of! The azada has been a great success in chopping through a long neglected allotment, and I only wish that I had found your website earlier in the year, as I could have saved money, time and pain!! The tool has succeeded in clearing ground that a heavy duty rotivator could not cope with. It has raised some comments from fellow allotment holders, who are both bemused and impressed with it. Although one 'old timer' recognised it from his days in Africa, and said that it was the common way of working the land there. I  think it is also worth while pointing out that I am not the fittest or most mobile person, suffering from severe arthritis in my spine and lower joints, and although it has not made the task of digging and clearing a pain-free job, it has certainly made it something I am more able to cope with. I would heartily recommend your long handled tools to anyone in a similar position as myself.
Thanks again
Dave Goddard, Merseyside.

May I say thank you for supplying a wonderful tool namely the medium 8" Azada which I received this week.  I've used it twice so far, with ease and comfort in spite of  being slightly unfit with back problems. Getting a good sweat on and looking back at what has been achieved in such a short time made me feel so good.  It has taken me about 10 mins to clear a patch of ground of approx 2 metres square on my 10 rod allotment.  Though this a new tool for me I wish I had got one years ago. Thank you yet again.
John Beresford, Portsmouth

I wish to say how pleased I am with my purchase of the Medium Azada.  It arrived quickly in the post and was well wrapped. I waited until the snow disappeared and went to my allotment which I have just taken over, but has not been dug for over 12 months.  Despite having serious back problems I had prepared my potato bed in 1 hour 40 minutes despite, as my next door allotment holder claimed, that I had spent half that time sitting down after working on each row. I am happy with my purchase and will be recommending it to my friends and recommending a spade to my enemies.
Maurice Dolphin, Birmingham.

We have recently taken over a plot that hasn't been touched for 5 years.  I must admit I had never heard of an Azada until I read about them on the Real Seeds website.  With such a lot of brambles and weeds to clear we thought we would give them a try and I ordered both the medium and lightweight Azada in February.  I am so glad we did - we cannot believe how easy to use and effective they are!  I am sure we wouldn't have been able to clear the huge amount of brambles and weeds on our plot as much as we have in the past few weeks without them. I am sure they will give years of service - thank you for such a great product.
Susan Tulloch, Cumbria

I would just like to provide you with some feedback on the Azada I bought for my father. He was 70 in 2006 and had a very difficult year with his mother dying after a long illness and after her death he had to take on much of the responsibility for dealing with her estate. His allotment had taken a back seat and as he went into 2007 I think he was despairing about whether he would ever be able to get it in shape again. However, he says the Azada has been absolutely wonderful and he never would have been able to make the excellent progress he has without it. I think there may be some more orders in future, both from envious fellow allotment holders on his site and from other members of our family.
M. Nicholls, Reading

Thanks for the speedy dispatch of my new Azada. It arrived this morning and so I went down to my allotment and have managed to put nine rows of potatoes in in the time would take me to do two with a spade. I have taken over a derelict allotment tool and I am turning over the rock hard soil at a rate that has astonished not only myself but others too. It is a real bonus to own one of these. What a work-saver, and so easy to use. Thanks.
Nick Hill, 

These things are amazing -I am raving about them to everyone I can.  My Malaysian friend at work says he would call them "cang kul" and was surprised they were not more common.
I have found that with my Heavy Duty Azada I can both clear surface weeds and then dig over the ground extremely quickly.  It is far less effort than a spade and takes a fraction of the time.  Meanwhile I have convinced my other half that her Light Medium Azada can pretty much do any job both at the allotment and also in our rather small garden.  I can see people looking enviously at these things as we use them and would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone who wants a change (for the better) from a spade!
Ben Murton, Cambridge

Dear Simon, the Azada arrived on time and intact. I have found it very easy to use as well as very efficient for turning over and breaking up the heavy soil on my allotment. I wish I had found out about this tool sooner!
D Parry, Staffordshire

Just to let you know I've had the chance to use my azada for the first time today. It was really great - it chopped out several shrubs, roots and all and the fork end whipped out nettle roots easily. Its good to get something that lives up to its promise! I'm clearing a garden that has been overgrown for several years now and I think it's going to be a very much quicker job than anticipated. The postman who delivered the tool said he had bought an azada as well and thoroughly recommended it.
Clare, Sheffield

Just wanted to say thanks for the Azada - I am powering through my root and giant pebble infested clay soil ground - 3 15 minute goes (I'm too out of condition to manage more at a time) and I've already managed more than I managed last time I spent 2 hours out there - and no back strain at all  - well worth the money - thanks again.
Mrs Jobson, Exmouth. 

I currently have a team working on a completely overgrown plot preparing it for landsccaping and development. They have found that when it comes down to clearing the soil of roots stumps etc, my Azadas (both Heavy and Pointed), together with my Rt Angled Fork, beat all the other tools that they have brought with them. There is nothing like having the "Right Tool for the Job!"
Mr A Krick, W Sussex

Everything the other testimonials say is true. I have been using the medium sized one since April and have turned over an overgrown allotment including hoinking out 3 saplings and numerous suckers of sumach. My back hasn't ached and my knees are grateful that I've not been digging with a spade, so I can only recommend this way of cultivating for all middle-aged women ... and my potatoes look beautiful in their fancy earthed-up trenches, something I've never really achieved before. So thank you very much. I am recommending you to anyone I know who's taking on a new plot.
B. Adamson, Lancs

Thank you for the first tool - I am thrilled. It is so much easier than a spade. I am a 52 year old lady, new to gardening and I have a weak right hand due to carpel tunnel surgery. I can manage the medium Azada easily! I have ordered another one today.
Leonie Selwyn, W. Wimbledon

The tools are superb and easily match the positive comments I read about them . . . .  thanks.
S. Lewis, Pontypridd

Just a line to let you know how satisfied I am with the pick azada that you supplied.  The tool itself is solid and has performed well over the last three months breaking the soil on an old soil/clay very overgrown compacted garden.  It has without doubt stood up to a mountain of abuse and is a pleasure to use.  I would recommend the pick azada to anyone.
Mr R Michalowski, 

I am a professional gardener and have used your azada more than any other tool or machine I own. I have found it more of a labour saving device than a rotovator or turf stripper and customers get good value for money as we can get the work done in half the time. I also own an allotment and it is the only tool that I carry for weeding, breaking up soil, making trenches and producing a fine tilth for planting out. My partner owns one but he has used it that much that the handle needs replacing.
Bob the Gardener



I'm so pleased with my "jembe" - a marvellous tool. I suffer from back and hip problems and it's so much better, less bending and straining and much easier to use.
Mrs B Birch, Norfolk.

I'm delighted with my Medium Azada and my Right Angled Fork. They are ideal for the raised beds in my allotments. I can plant potatoes in the beds almost effortlessly with the Medium Azada, dig manure in with it and hoe. The Right Angled Fork digs the potatoes, again, almost effortlessly and prepares the beds for planting nearly all the crops. I was very sceptical before I finally decided to purchase, now I am highly delighted - they are definitely tools for the Millennium!
Mr F E Boydell, Tadcaster, North Yorks

May I say what a fantastic tool the Azada is. I'm currently digging small but long ditches in preparation for hedge planting. Compared with the conventional spade, the Azada makes an enormous difference to the labour intensity of the job, and much less backache at the end of a good day's work. I'd seen Azadas many times in continental Europe and at long last someone's had the wherewithal to bring them over. Fair play to you as they say here.
Mr. P. Holme, Co Galway, Eire

I acknowledge receipt of the Lightweight Azada - a wonderful tool! How nice to be able to obtain quality tools when one is aware of the rubbish being marketed. Please accept my order for the medium weight Azada. With sincere hopes for your success in this venture.
 Mr D Woods, Gt Moulton, Norfolk

We are finding our Azadas extremely effective in the land clearance in which we are presently engaged.
H Bailey, Bingley, W Yorks

George Monbiot

"The mattock is fantastically useful. It's the main tool I use on all four of my allotments" says energetic environmentalist and writer George Monbiot, now working on his first novel, which satirises the Government's foot and mouth disease policy. "Having seen mattocks used from the rice paddies of Java, through the bean fields of north east Brasil, to the highlands of Kenya, I first wielded one on an organic farm in Somerset. Then a friend gave me one as a present, which he'd found on the Internet - it's actually an azada, the Spanish version of a mattock. It's not a primary gardening instrument in the UK but it's fantastic for clearing ground and goes through everything at great speed. After a couple of hours' work, you look round and see what looks almost like a ploughed field behind you. Hugely satisfying."

This article appeared in the English Garden magazine in June 2005.
Printed here with the kind permission of The English Garden, Jubilee House, 2, Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TQ

Really excellent tools, they make so many jobs so much easier ..... can't understand why we don't use them here 
 Mr I Wilson, Garden designer, "Natural Gardens", Mulbarton, Norfolk

Thought I would just let you know, after using my Azadas for 2 months now on my allotment, I can vouch for the tool as being much quicker than forking or digging, great for ridging, the only minus is, its seems to make me puff more quickly than when digging,I guess its the swinging action, but despite this after a short rest to gaze at the local flora and fauna, restart and the the job is done.
Mick Walters, Secretary Walton and District Allotment Ass: Essex

I've not been shirking since they arrived! I've managed to get one job almost completed in about three hours - doing an hour a day - that I've been putting off for almost a year. I'd have a very sore back if I'd done that with conventional tools. Indeed, I'm so taken with the Azadas that I don't want to waste them, so I'm looking at getting an allotment that I can work on. Once again, many thanks for your help.
R. Killington - Crawley, W. Sussex

My feedback is instantaneous as I spent 17 years in Kenya, where, as you would know, it's the standard tool. The reason we are getting another is that one of our friends has an allotment and borrows ours so often we don't see it! We are going to give him one as a present to get use of our own. I am very relieved to find an in-country supplier. Keep up the good work.
David Ross - Cheltenham

I live in the USA in Washington State. I just placed an order for an Azada. Yesterday I was out working in my yard, trying to cultivate heavy, rocky, clay soil into new garden beds. The head of my hoe had just come off the handle and I was in the process of trying to repair it when my neighbor, who is from Uganda, noticed my struggles and remarked, "you need a heavier hoe." I agreed and lamented the poor quality of many tools these days. Then he went into his garage and came back out with an ancient looking digging implement and started to easily break up the soil. I don't know what he thought about the flimsy tools that are sold and used in the USA.
Marishka Pilch, Renton, WA, USA

Thanks Simon, the azada is brilliant, you can't believe the transformation of my allotment, I have also recommended to some new people on site that they get one. My son bought a large one and he has done his front garden which none of us ever thought he would do. They are wonderful tools. Look forward to the fork, realised that when the grass starts to appear in my newly dug over beds the fork will rake it out. Valerie Thome, Nelson, Lancs

(14/6/04) I have received the Fork today. The Azada is doing well. I have already cleared half of my allotment which I thought would take forever.
(17/6/04) The allotment is almost clear although the ground is exceptionally hard in the remaining part so it's going to be a bit of a struggle. However, it is amazing how quick it is with the new tools, even though you need to have breaks to recover if you're going at full speed. Thanks a lot.
Russ Freeman, Birmingham

I finally found the time to get out in the garden with my new Azadas. My husband was SO impressed by how much work I had done, but it was so easy! I was digging holes, loosening soil, and quickly removing unwanted shrubs with ease. Thank you for a great tool! I may be placing another order soon for Christmas presents!
Marishka Pilch, Renton, WA, USA

I purchased an Azada from you at the end of January 2005 and would like to give you some feedback. The tool was delivered very quickly and met with my expectations - I was pleased. I found that using the tool was a little different at first but it has since become one of the tools that I always grab from the shed when I go to the allotment - it's great fun to use and makes light work of trenching. I haven't got the hang of using it for general digging but I tend to use a garden fork for most of that anyway. Most of the time a gentle lift and drop seems to be sufficient but an over the shoulder swing is most satisfying!
Many thanks for making these tools available.
Alan Morris, Hampshire.

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of my ladies medium  azada. It is fantastic and such good value too. I dug out a new bed on my new overgrown allotment yesterday in a third of the time it has taken previously and with such excellent results too.
Many thanks again, I shall be spreading the word to fellow gardeners.
Helen Speakman, Bucks

Just wanted to say thanks for the Azada I bought last Saturday at your "shop". It is the perfect tool for the job - digging a 450mm deep narrow trench without giving me severe back problems. Highly recommended.
Mr L Hogg, Norfolk

We are very happy with the tools we ordered. The azada really makes it easy to dig over a plot in record time. The right angled fork is bliss for weeding provided the soil is not too damp. We have a second allotment which we will start work on when the first one is trickling over - very soon.
Anne Wheeldon,

You have made my allotment manageable!! FAB.
Karlene Henne, Kent

Used tools for the first time a couple of days ago. Wish I'd had them 30 years ago. They make life so much easier.
Keith Peakman, Walsall

Just a quick note to let you know how great the azada is. I had been looking for a long time for one of these tools as I have seen them being used in several countries and always thought they looked an easier alternative to the british spade. It really is as good as everyone says. I shall be buying another as my wife has now found mine and the smaller hand versions look extremely useful as well. Many thanks a fine product and excellent service.
Nick Brooke, Hunstanton, Norfolk

The Digging Fork arrived today thanks.It will be more useful than anything else I have! I had one like this years ago, & loved it, & since I messed up my back I've been looking for one as I simply cannot bend to use a standard fork & all the gadgetty ones don't help me at all.  This one is so simple - stick in ground & use hands to lever backwards, all the time easily being able to stand upright!! What could be better!  Try to describe to a Garden Centre   assistant what I want & why, & they look at me as if I'm an alien! So thank you thank you thank you for coming up with exactly what I wanted.
N. Wheetman, Alburgh, Norfolk

The tool is absolutely spectacular. I've done loads of work with it already -  clearing roots, dug a trench and altered a lot of the garden. Fantastic!
Jeremy de Montfalcon, Southhampton

I have already amazed the other allotment holders by clearing our new 410 sqare yard allotment of shoulder height weeds in a day. The smaller Azada will be put to use getting the ground ready for planting. I think the Azada is the best gardening tool that I own. My wife even loves using it and she's a lanscaper's daughter who used to help out her father as a teenager and as a consequence suffers from a bad back if she uses a fork or spade. I forgot to add that I suffer from tennis elbow if I use a spade or fork. When I use the azada I get no problems at all.
Mr R Waring, Notts

Hello Simon, this last order makes six tools in total I have had from you. I just wanted to tell you how invaluable they have been for working on my allotment. My friend was very impressed with the Azada and kept borrowing it, so I ended up buying her one for Christmas!
Lynne Robinson, Essex

Can I just say thank you very much for the excellent service I received on my recent order for a long handled fork. Ordered on a whim just prior to Christmas I was astonished (and delighted) to open my front door early on Dec 29 and find my fork waiting on the doorstep! A word of praise for the tool itself. I have just started working an allotment allowed to run wild for 20 years and find that the fork is performing well over its first days of use and is certainly much easier on the back than conventional forks. I wish I had found your website earlier.
Roy Graham, Chester

Thanks for dispatching the azadas so promptly, they arrived on Friday. I was working on Saturday and wasn't able to try them out until Sunday afternoon.  We've recently moved into a new place and are just starting to get the garden into shape. It's been a while since I did any serious digging and so I'd marked out two beds to dig, one for this weekend and one for next, not wishing to overdo things. Suffice to say both beds were prepared the same afternoon and with not a hint of a backache. The larger azada was very easy to use, it felt so natural. The smaller was ideal for cleaning up some areas that are gravelled. I'm delighted with both of these tools, and am recommending them to friends.
Gary Fox, Nottingham

Thank you so much for the azada, which arrived safely. I am absolutely thrilled with it; I had been in despair when I discovered how stony the ground is in my new garden, but the azada makes it possible even for an old lady like me to cultivate the soil. Even better, it isn't as backbreaking as digging with a spade.
Sheila Woolley, Lancaster

Simon, I am very pleased with the Azada you sold me. It's a great tool.
Mr G  Spyrou, Birmingham

The tools have arrived and already put to use on my new allotment. As some of your previous testimonials say, I should have got these years ago. They are much easier to use than a fork and spade in ground preparation. I am looking forward to the coming seasons to try them out in all weather conditions. Thanks for your prompt dispatch and hopefully you may get a couple of orders from a couple of allotment holders who have shown great interest in their use. I am genuinely pleased with the tools and would add that the fork produces a very good tilth that requires the minimum of raking for a seed bed for very little effort Once again, thank you for your excellent service. P Kilfoyle, Cheshire.

Many thanks for the quick delivery of my Azada. I'd just like to say how pleased I am with the tool already ..... I managed to dig half of my allotment in one afternoon and planted four stone of potatoes. The limitation is no longer the pain in my back, but rather my level of fitness which I'm sure will improve as I continue to use my Azada .... and which was part of the reason behind taking on an allotment in the first place.
One more thing, I found my Azada to be superb for digging ponds. Instead of having to wobble heavy wheelbarrows up steep ramps of scaffolding planks, or break my back lifting trugs of earth up from the bottom of a deep hole, I can can cut nice clods of clay from two or three feet below foot level with a lazy swing and and easy lift - just one bite at a time. My pond will eventually be 6ft deep and require removal removal of around 20 tonnes of clay ..... but it's going well so far!
Kevin Davis, Grantham, Lincs

Just to tell you that my azadas arrived very quickly and in good condition. Certainly great value for money and a great tool. Started at the allotment on the same afternoon and could see instantly that it will be a favourite. Cleared paths of overgrown weeds; better on back than a spade; dug over raised beds with ease and will be good at making trenches for next year's spuds. Many thanks. may order longhandled spade and fork if I require them later.
Rob Peaker, Aberdeenshire

Many thanks!  The tools are exceeding expectations and generally making life a lot easier.  I realise it is not its intended purpose but once the ground is broken up - your draw fork is the most fantastic tiller.
D. Corser, London

Just like to say that I have received the Azada.  The postman (who is an Egyptian) couldn’t deliver it on his usual bicycle and having left at the village post office he commented on how much like the Egyptian digging tools it was.  He asked for details of where I had obtained it from (duly provided!) and there was similar interest in the village post office .
Very pleased with it – already dug over the potato patch for next year.
Mr M Kendall, Foxton

Received our 7" Azada on Saturday .. It was worth waiting for! It made very short work of some rough ground on our allotment and my Husband was very impressed and said  what  a good bit of kit it is! Not knowing my Husband you won't realise what a compliment that is!
S Bowley, W Sussex

I am writing (belatedly!) to say thank you for supplying an azada and fork. These were purchased for my daughter who has recently taken over her first allotment that was chest high in brambles. I have to say we are absolutely delighted with the performance of the tools, everyone we have shown them to has been amazed at how much easier they are to manipulate than the traditional tools. Our daughter has subsequently ordered and received a hand-sized version and she tells me that this too is a great asset. Thank you soooo much. One final word; they were simply and very effectively packed and the postman who delivered them was so intrigued that he asked for our comments after using the tools and when we told him how delighted we were he was hot-foot on his way to his computer so presumably another order will be winging its way to you.
Pat Hobson, Stockton-on-Tees

My order was delivered very promptly. I just wanted to let you know that I have found the Azada and Sickle very useful and easy to use. I have taken on an overgrown half of an allotment. After the initial cutting back to see what was actually on the ground using the sickle - I started using the Azada. I have found it very easy to use and very effective - much easier than digging as promised. I know that even when I finally sort out the allotment - the Azada will still be one of the most useful tools in the shed.
Deirdre A, Herts

The tools are absolutely fantastic.  I did have a right angled fork many years ago but made the mistake of lending it to a friend (no longer my friend).
I have been searching for a right angled fork for many years and eventually found your website.  When I saw the Azadas, I had to have one of those as well.
I have been clearing a neighbour's garden that has not been touched for over 30 years.  The brambles are huge and the plot is also covered with huge tree roots, rock and other detrius.  I did start using a spade and mattock but found the work much to heavy.  When I got the Azada and fork I did as much in an afternoon as I had done previously in two days.
The fork rips up any size of bramble roots, rocks etc and then I can use the azada to deep dig the ground.  It also slices through the thickest tree roots like a scalpel,  I think the record at the moment is a 4 inch diameter root. I am now in the process of ordering a chrome to  rake the ground level prior to grassing it as a lawn. Without these tools it would have needed some heavy machinery to do what I have done. 
P.S  I have retired my spade completly.
Many thanks.
P Raynor, Sheffield

Hi Simon, having previously ordered and bought your long handled digging fork which I have found most helpful with the extra leverage it gives with digging jobs,have now used the  Heavy duty Azada on a root infested area that I had tried to dig unsuccessfully with normal digging tools and found the Azada although hard work, to do the job where traditional tools had failed,many thanks.
Tom Rowley, Worcester

When the Azada arrived early this year I thought it too heavy to use and put it away. One day I was tackling a heavy job in the allotment and getting nowhere. I'd tried everything else and finally tried the azada. The effect was astonishing! I don't have a lot of strength in my arms and my grip is not good either, but this tool is so simple to use and achieves such quick. good results. I have almost cleared my entire allotment now, even parts that have been neglected over a year. I am telling everyone else on the allotments and giving demonstrations, I'll be distributing your price list today. Valerie Thome, Nelson, Lancs

Recently purchased my own Azada having been given the link from a friend who has an allotment. This is my first allotment and the land has not been used for 30 years so was in a pretty bad state. It is a five pole site so there is a lot of ground to cover with some very large brambles. I had been struggling for a few weeks and the piece of soil that I had orginially dug over 3 weekends, with my new Azada only took one and a half hours to re-dig (whilst being very frosty). I also suffer from a bad back so this is a god send. I am actively encouraging others to invest in such an easy tool to use. Catie Hall, Cambridge



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