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Performance: Very Good.
Value for Money: Very Good.

Jean Vernon's  "Tried and Tested" column
Daily Telegraph Gardening Supplement, March 2002.
Model under test: Light Medium Azada
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I should have got one years ago - I've just rough dug an allotment in an afternoon instead of two days. Mr R Colclough, Dagenham

  Fantastic.. best digging tool I've ever owned..turned a derelict allotment over in a weekend - better than a rotavator. Adrian Arbib, Oxford

The Azada  is absolutely spectacular. I've done loads of work with it already - clearing roots, dug a trench and altered a lot of the garden. Fantastic! J. de Montfalcon, Southhampton

If you are a hardened gardener I implore you to buy one of these Azadas. It's one of the best investments you will ever make as a gardener! Deborah Dixon, Coventry


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NB. All Azadas are equipped with standard 47" handles but I do stock longer 55" handles for extra tall users. If interested please call.

All Azadas come assembled and ready for action.


Heavy Duty Azada

The "Big Beast" of the range. The all-terrain tool for really tough jobs with a heavyweight blade and extra stout handle. For really rough or hard ground, long- abandoned allotments, deep digging and trenching, clearing tree roots, stumps, large stones etc.


Sorry, not currently in stock




Blade width 7.3"
Blade weight 3.3lbs
Total weight  6.4lbs
Handle 47"

Price: £39.00


Heavy Medium Azada

A sturdy tool for general digging, cultivating, trenching,  ridging, ground clearance etc. A bit of extra weight in the blade makes this Azada a good choice for really hard ground,  heavy clay soils, thick matted turf etc.


 Sorry, not currently in stock





Blade width 6.5"
Blade weight 2.8lbs
Total weight  5lbs
Handle 47"


Price: £36.00


Medium Azada

All round tools  suited for most jobs in the allotment or vegetable plot - ground preparation, trenching, hoeing, planting and ridging potatoes, clearing and levelling rough terrain. Will do most jobs done with a spade but faster, easier and with far less back strain.


Sorry, not currently in stock




Blade width 7"
Blade weight 2lbs
Total weight  4.2lbs
Handle 47"

Price: £34.00


Pointed Azada

The pointed blade makes this tool ideal for digging and cultivating ground which is very stony or very hard. Very effective for cleaning and loosening up hard packed gravel. Also useful for opening shallow narrow trenches and ridging.

Sorry, not currently in stock




Blade width at Shoulder 8.5"
Blade weight 1.75lbs
Total weight  4.2lbs
Handle 47"

Price: £34.00


Light Medium Azada

All round tool for general use in the allotment/vegetable patch but perhaps on a smaller scale than the Medium Azadas or in narrower row spacing. Its size and manageability make this tool especially suitable for women and those happy to work at a gentler pace. The ideal tool for digging narrow trenches for  laying drains, pipes etc. (See Daily Telegraph review at top of page.)


Sorry, not currently in stock




Blade width 4.7"
Blade weight 1.76lbs
Total weight 3.85lbs
Handle 47"

Price: £32.00


Pick Azada

Medium sized Azada combined with a light pick. The acute blade angle of this tool makes it ideal for surface cultivation rather than for digging**. The pick is useful for working in soil with very hard compacted spots, levering out biggish stones, bits of rubble, old roots etc.


Sorry, not currently in stock




Blade width 5"
Pick width 2"
Blade weight 1.75lbs
Total weight 3.85lbs
Handle 47"

** But, just to prove me wrong:

You say in your description that it's best for surface digging but I found it dug the soil down to at least the depth of a spade. I love it! I couldn't believe how fast I dug the entire vegetable plot over with it.  Ms S Parfitt, Aberdeen.

Price: £36.00


Lightweight Azadas
(2 Models)

Garden hoe and light mattock. Excellent for chopping weeds out of hard ground and gravel, cleaning between narrow rows of plants and in the border. Double prong serves as a cultivator and weeder - ideal for getting under problem weeds such as couch, nettles etc. This is the tool Joe Swift uses on the TV programme Gardeners' World , and features  in his book.

Sorry, not currently in stock






Blade width 3"/4"
Blade weight 1.3lbs/1.7lbs
Total weight 2.75lbs/3.52lbs
Handle 47"

Price: £33.00/£34.00


Right Angled Fork

Excellent for "deep ripping" and pulling up couch grass,  nettle beds etc "roots and all" from under the surface without chopping them up and thereby aggravating the infestation. Also very effective for ripping out bramble roots. The ideal tool for clearing virgin turf and matted, weed-infested land as well as surface cultivation and seed bed preparation.


Sorry, not currently in stock







Head width 4.5"
Head weight 1.75lbs 
Total weight 3.52lbs
Handle 47"

Price: £35.00  


Pointed Groundbreaker

A great  tool for breaking up hard, compacted ground, especially stony soils. Also for getting in deep and breaking up compacted layers at depth. Ideal for heavy, sticky, clay soils where less surface area for the soil to cling to is an advantage A  useful tool for dealing with heavy infestations of brambles, nettle beds, small tree/shrub roots etc. As with the other groundbreakers, this tool is not really suitable for everyday digging and cultivating.


Sorry, not currently in stock




Head width at points 4.0"
Head weight 2.3lbs
Handle 47"

Price: £34.00


 (2 Models)

For breaking up very hard ground and compacted pans, digging out large stones etc. Good for digging up tree roots with the small axe-like blade useful for cutting through the roots. The extra weight on a narrow blade gives great penetration into the ground. Not recommended for general digging and cultivating.

Sorry, not currently in stock





Blade Width  2.5"/3.3"
Blade Weight 4.6lbs/5.5lbs
Handle 47"

Price: £36.00/£37.00


Small Hand Azadas

Sturdy weeders and tillers. Blade angle and shape designed to easily get under weeds and between plants. Excellent for weeding in the border and "scrabbling" to produce a fine tilth. Very effective in hard ground and the pointed Azada is a great little tool for weeding in hard packed gravel. The wide bladed tool is ideal for inter-row weeding.

Sorry, not in stock





Length of Handle 16", 15", 14"
Weight 1lb, 1lb, 1.5lb
Blade width 2.5", N/A, 6.75"

Price: £17.00/£18.00/£19.00


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Long Handled Spade

For those jobs when you need a spade. Made of the same high quality solid forged steel as the Azadas, this spade has a long handle which results in less bending and reduced chance of backstrain. The double rivetted pointed blade facilitates entry into hard or stony ground.


Sorry, not currently in stock



These handles have PEFC Certification which guarantees that the wood is from responsibly managed forests.


Total Length 4' 2"
Total weight 4.8lbs
Blade across shoulder 7.25"

Price: £38.00


Long Handled Square Spade

The long handle of this spade gives the advantages of the  pointed model featured above. Solid forged steel blade as with the pointed model above. The handle is a bit longer and the spade is heavier due to the extra weight of the blade. The line of the handle and blade of this spade is straight. Quite a "weighty" tool.

Sorry, not currently in stock



These handles have PEFC Certification which guarantees that the wood is from responsibly managed forests.



Total Length 4' 3"
Total weight 6.0 lbs
Blade across shoulder 7.50"
Blade at cutting edge 6.40"

Price: £40.00


Pointed Spade with Fibreglass Handle

One-piece carbon steel blade with tread edge. Fibreglass handle combines strength and flexibility. Handle has two rubberised grips to facilitate easier grasp and comfort. (Colour may vary)


Sorry, not currently in stock





Total Length 4' 10"
Total weight 4.2lbs
Blade across shoulder 9"

Price: £32.00



Long Handled Digging Fork

Tough solid forged head and stout long beech or eucalyptus  shaft. As with the spades, will suit those who like to avoid bending as far as possible and also like a bit of extra leverage.


Sorry, not currently in stock



These handles have PEFC Certification which guarantees that the wood is from responsibly managed forests.



Fork Width 7.5"
Tine width 0.75"
Fork Head Weight 2.75 lbs
Total Length 4' 10"

Price: £39.00


Long Handled Muck Fork

Apart from its obvious application for "mucking out" cattle yards etc, useful for shifting cut grass, brush and general clearing up around the garden and allotment.


These handles have PEFC Certification which guarantees that the wood is from responsibly managed forests.

Sorry, not currently in stock




Fork Width 8.25"
Fork Head Weight 1.75 lbs
Total Length 4' 11"

Price: £34.00



Traditional tools for pitching and moving sheaves or bales, spreading straw, hay, clearing brush, and general garden debris etc


Sorry, not currently in stock



These handles have PEFC Certification which guarantees that the wood is from responsibly managed forests.


Fork Width 6"
Tine length 1'
Fork Head Weight 1 lb
Total Length 5'



Price: £33.00



Long Draw Fork/Crome

In the old days these used to be used for pulling muck off the back of tumbrils and trailors in the field. A useful tool for raking down rough-dug and cloddy soil. Ideal for clearing long cut grass and other vegetation following scything and cutting. Also good for clearing vegetation from ditches and ponds. Effective too for breaking up round straw bales. Same high quality solid forged steel and beech or eucalyptus shaft as other tools.


Sorry, not currently in stock



These handles have PEFC Certification which guarantees that the wood is from responsibly managed forests.




Fork Width 8"
Fork Head Weight 1.75 lbs
Total Length 4' 3"

Price: £35.00


Pruning Saw

Foldaway blade with safety locking system operated by easy and convenient  press-button. Tempered steel blade and dual-material polypropylene and rubber injection pistol-grip handle for extra comfort.


Sorry, not in stock






Weight  0.43lbs
Length 8.4"

Price: £18.00


Pocket Sharpener

Handy little sharpener for sharpening all types of cutting and pruning tools such as secateurs, hedge trimmers, sickles etc - I even use it for sharpening scythes. Has a tungsten carbide pad, which "bites into" the metal with surprising ease to give a good sharp edge. Comes with a small protective cap.


Sorry, not currently in stock






Length 5"

Price: £4.00





Blade made of hardened highest quality alloy steel with re-enforced rib for extra strength. Metal detachable snath (handle). Can be assembled/disassembled in a couple of minutes for easy transport. For those who prefer to cut grass with that satisfying rhythmical "swish" as opposed to more  noisy, polluting, and often slower,  methods.

NB. Scythe is Right Handed

Blade Length 20"
Blade Weight 1.25 lbs
Handle Length 54"


Sorry, currently out of stock






Price is for complete tool


Price: £63.00




Sturdy high quality traditional sickles or "hooks" as we call them in Norfolk. For cutting grass or brush and generally keeping the allotment or garden tidy. The Heavy Duty version is probably not ideal for left-handers as it has a "kink" in the handle and doesn't lend itself to being used "upside down".

Sorry, not currently in stock






Heavy Duty 1.10lb
Medium 0.85lb
Small 0.65lb

Price: £19.00/£18.00/£17.00


Long Handled Billhook/Slasher

Hand-forged long handled  slasher. Heavy duty tool for clearing thick brambles, scrub, nettles  and general woody vegetation from  land and banks. Also for hedgework, trimming low branches, saplings etc.

Not in stock





Total Weight        4.1lbs
Total Length        4' 3"

Price: £55.00














I am extremely pleased with my Groundbreaker & Heavy Medium Azada. The quality of these tools is excellent – I’m very pleased I decided to make the effort of ordering them from you. So far I have only performed some ‘practice digging’ but the benefits compared with my old spade are clear. The groundbreaker has absolutely no trouble getting through the compacted sandy clay (it’s like concrete!!) at about 80cm depth – normally this job would end up in a back breaking, hand blistering nightmare! I have also found that by swinging the Azada back between my legs I can remove turf with ease and keep the turf thickness uniform – absolutely perfect! I will assume that the process will prove to be even easier with a little practice, but in any case digging just got fun!  Stuart Wilcox, Germany


Having been a countryside ranger for the National Trust for the past 11 years I have dug a fair few holes in some of the worst ground conditions I can think of. The long handled digging spades I get from Simon are without doubt my saviour, without them my job would be twice as hard, I cannot recommend them highly enough and I scream their praises to every volunteer and colleague I can. If I could only save one tool from a burning workshop this would be the one! Such a tough spade.” C. Bailey, National Trust.

It goes into the soil and cuts the roots much better than any other spade I have tried. That spade is so useful and really well made. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.
Fred Walden of Fredshed,, author of 2 books on tools and equipment for easier gardening.

The spade cuts through everything and makes it really easy. It's great for precision work as well, especially when digging out dead plants like shrubs and small trees. Also great for digging holes in our clay soil for planting roses.
Jonathan Black, Oxford

Having searched all local sources without success, your website was the biggest 'find' you could make. Quite apart from your prompt delivery I am delighted and really do not know how I have managed all these years without the long handled tools, and particularly the spade!! With consumate ease I have dug so much more in a quarter of the time and with a minimum of effort. Interesting in this age of hi-technology that such a design, probably of centuries ago, should prove to be unbeatable!  Only frustrating that with constant rain I cannnot finish the job immediately - I have never been enthusiastic about digging before! Congratulations and take a bow for great service.
Brian Williams, Cornwall.

Started on my new 'Clay' allotment this week.  This was perfect. Right length for me, easy to use, feels right.  I would buy another but feel this one will never give up. Graham Thorpe.

Thank you for promptly sending the long handled, pointed spade I ordered.  I received it yesterday and was out putting it to the test in the sunshine soon after.  After failing dismally in my sticky, heavy, clay soil with a standard straight blade garden spade, I was delighted to be able to dig out some nasty bramble stumps from my vegetable patch with ease, the long handle and sturdy blade proving very effective with minimal effort. As an addition to the Azadas I already own and use constantly, this is a perfect bit of kit for digging holes and moving soil around. Ms Thomas, Buckingham.






Thank you for providing me with such an excellent spade (one long handled square spade ) which I bought from you recently. As a professional gardener I demand a lot from my tools to do a good job for both me and my customers and the said spade is really excellent for digging. The handle is just the right length in aiding me to stop my back from acheing at the end of a hard working day and cuts through the soil cleanly  leaving a clean hole .
G. Woods. Geoff Woods Gardening Services.








The spade is terrific. I'm 5ft tall and utilising the principles of leverage find it very easy to use, even though I have a serious back problem. My husband , who is 6ft tall finds that he can turn over large swathes of my allotment very quickly and without the sore back which can come with the usual spade, particularly to tall people who have further to bend (he says). I have found all of the tools very helpful and your service friendly and efficient. Thank you.
Lesley Viggars, Coventry




You asked for comments on tools bought from you. My husband bought a long handled fork some months ago now and has been meaning to write and comment but I suspect he never will get round to it! So I thought I would just let you know he says it's the best garden tool he has ever owned/used.
Meg Jackson, County Fermanagh

There's good news and bad news regarding my new long handled fork that I received from you on Thursday. The Good News is that it is fantastic and I wish I'd bought it 10 years ago as I might have avoided a slipped disc. It cuts into the soil with ease and the long handle allows me to move the soil without bending my back too far.The Bad News is that my trusty old Spear and Jackson fork is now redundant after many years of faultless service. Thanks very much for the speedy delivery.
Mr D J Hurley, Cheshire

Many thanks for your efficient and personal service. My Dad is delighted with the fork and I am delighted in seeing the garden being dug!
M Martin, Ross-shire

I wanted to let you know I received the garden fork at the weekend and am delighted with the product. I have found it very difficult to find a fairly lightweight long handled garden fork and I'm glad to say this is exactly what I was looking for. I suffer from back pain and gardening will now be a much easier task. The timely delivery was good and it was packed well - the only comment I would make is that it did take some time to find you on the Internet. I would recommend the product and the service. Gayle Jasper 

As promised, here is my report on using the long handled fork. It's excellent and a more - than - worthy successor to my old one! Having always used long - handled tools, I found the handle length to be just right while the size of the blade is neither too large or too small. The weight is ideal and the whole tool is well balanced. The fact that the handle is full thickness where it fits into the " ring " on the top of the blade - compared with the chamfered down and pointed end which fit into a socket on the Parke type tools - means that there is incredible strength in the tool too.
All in all I'm absolutely delighted and the tool is a joy to use. I can't wait for the next time to use it !!
Many thanks again for your first - class service and products. Peter Hunkin, Cornwall

Was bought this for a Christmas present by my wife. Have used it a couple of times over the Allotment, very impressed,very easy to use and no bending the back excessively . Have passed the web site details on to another plot holder who was impressed with the fork because of the width of the tines and the sturdiness of the tool.  Mr S Staines

I've had a long-handled spade for several years but couldn't find a similar fork until I found your website. As with the spade, the fork is so much easier to use than the standard length implement. Much less chance of backache.
John Hall, Shropshire

It is now just over two years since I bought the long handled fork from you.  I have delayed contacting you with my review of the tool as I tend to think that one needs to use a tool for a year or so in all conditions to really get a feel for it. The long handled fork is fantastic - its tines shine with use.  I bought it in the hope that following an operation I could get back to gardening sooner rather than later and dig my overgrown allotment plot without over stressing either stomach or back muscles. It helped me enormously.  I should emphasise that the fork is superb for anyone to use - fit or flabby! Like others, I wish I had bought one years ago. G Crossingham







I was looking at your tool list and my eye was taken by the right angled crome and the list of uses for it.   The only one I have ever seen in this country was owned by my father, and which he had made himself.   Basically it was a border fork with the tines bent half way along their length, at right angles.   He used this to make his seed beds.   To do this, he held the fork in front of him and would then dig over the ground to a depth of about 2 inches.   As he walked forward he would walk on the newly turned over soil.   He would then lightly rake the area and produce the most amazing tilth into which to plant his seeds.   I only discovered this a few years before he died.   Instead of showing me how it worked, he made me do it myself and it was on a clay based soil and it still produced a fine tilth,   The fork vanished when he died and I never got around to making one for myself.  Not so necessary now that  I work on raised beds.   You might like to try it and pass the information on.  
Alan Free,   West Wales

I learnt about this little-known tool from a lecture I attended at the RHS garden at Rosemoor in Devon. There it is used regularly for seed bed preparation in the display gardens and the nursery. I received the Crome about three weeks ago. Since then I have used it in preparing three raised beds in my garden for seeding and planting. I can now vouch for its excellence for this task. It can be used in raking mode to expose the large clods. These can then be crushed by pushing the Crome  forwards with the handle at about 45 degrees. This presents the tines to the clod with a downward force which effectively breaks it up.  When used in conjunction with a garden rake the job is done in record time. Our soil is a clayey loam with a lot of fine silt. With this it is important to get the timing right as the soil dries out in Spring so that the result is a fine tilth rather than a desert of dust. The Crome helps here as it makes it possible to break up the larger clods before the smaller ones dry out too much.
Mr R Randles, Devon

Many thanks for the tools - received today. I have used the crome to clear overgrown weeds which were scythed down last weekend on an overgrown 15 rod allotment. I spent about 2 hours raking the scythed weeds into piles with the crome and then used it to rake our their roots. So far I am about a third of the way there - I know what I will be doing tomorrow weather permitting! A most useful tool!!!
Mr Read, Sheerness

The cramp (crome) is a fantastic tool in the garden. I had never associated it with gardening tasks - my memory of it being used solely as a tool to drag muck into heaps off a cart in a field. Since I've had this new one you sent me it's uses are only limited by what you can't think up for it! Clearing vegetation and debris around the garden - it was made for the job. As an example, I was hoeing along the paths between my beds this week. Normally I would clear up by gently dragging a rake over them, but in the process I would also drag off some soil. Using a cramp it's just the vegetation that gets dragged away. It's width is made for the job. It also came in handy being dragged over the potato rows after picking spuds. It clears away the debris and unearths some of the tubers that may have been missed. An all round fantastic tool.
Gwilym, Aberaeron Allotment Association Chair, AAA and Gardeners Chat-Shed Webmaster 

Just to let you know that the crome I ordered from you just arrived.   I just tried it at removing stubborn  ivy from a wall and found it's just ideal for the purpose.    Additionally I would add that I know of no other implement or tool capable of doing this task. Many thanks for an excellent product. 
J. Lehane, Cork, Ireland

I'd like to say how extremely useful I find the long draw fork which I bought from you about a year ago. It is excellent for working a seedbed and for pulling out clumps of pond weed - it must be the most used tool in my shed. J Gibson, Dorset







The scythe was just what we needed, our horses are now enjoying home made hay and the nettles have met their match! Thank you for quick service too.
Wendy Cook

I recently purchased a 24" scythe and a heavy azada from you on behalf of the allotment association - we're very happy with the acquisitions, great alternatives to powered tools as we're trying to keep noise to a minimum in the evenings - we're surrounded by residential housing and frankly the sound of a 2 stroke whineing away gets a bit wearing of a summer evening. I gave the scythe a quick run out on my overgrown back garden (I was dreading getting the B&D strimmer out on it and knackering my wrist), in 10 minutes I'd taken it down to a height the mower could cope with. Brilliant, I'm a convert!
D Tucker, Oxford

We have been using your scythes for a number of years now with our core of conservation volunteers and may I say that after fifteen years of working in nature conservation I have not been able to source a more robust or practical  item of equipment, they just keep going and going under the hardest of use. We have trailed many other types and they just don’t make the grade as far a quality, longevity and value are concerned. It is reassuring to know that suppliers still exist that can provide good quality equipment at a fair price.
Richard Payne, Conservation/Ranger Supervisor , City of London, Open Spaces Dept

I bought a scythe from you a few days ago and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. It manages to combine lightness, balance and strength very effectively and the blade is excellent. Despite not having used a scythe in earnest for almost 40 years, I managed in a couple of hours to clear all the overgrown mixture of grass, weeds and brambles on the piece of set-aside land at the end of our garden. The result is that we now have a beautiful view over the fields again. My only regret is that in my enthusiasm to get started I forgot to take a picture and without the "before" there is no point in showing you the "after" - sorry!
F. Chalmers, Blakeney, Norfolk

The scythe I purchased from you last year met all my expectations and was very satisfying to use. It seemed more appropriate to use a traditional tool for cutting a wildflower garden. No noise, no pollution from fumes, good excercise and in harmony with the surroundings. Brilliant! Thank you for your excellent service and best wishes for your business.
Tony Cookson, Preston

I bought a heavy-duty scythe from you a couple of years ago, and I would like to say how well it has done in tackling the brambles and nettles in our woodland - much more convenient, and quieter, than getting the scrub cutter out.
D Saunders, Lewes

Scythe arrived - and it is brilliant. I've cleared an orchard that was overgrown with nettles and bindweed and it was a whole lot easier than a heavy, noisy strimmer. Love it -thanks.
M. Tye







I used the sickle yesterday for cropping the sides of my allotment paths. It is a very good and substantial tool for which I thank you.
E. Norman, Coventry

The tools have been a lifesaver. Without the heavy duty sickle I simply couldn't have cleared a large garden area (1/4 acre) full of brambles some 10 years+ old with 25-foot tendrils! Which left me with only a brief amount of time to relish the Azada, which lived up to every expectation. J Furse, London






Just to say my slasher arrived quickly and safely and has already been put to good use on the allotment clearing bramble briars. It is heavier than I expected but that is no bad thing since it's clearly sturdy and I hope will give years of good service - and maybe at the tender age of 70 my arm muscles will benefit a bit from wielding it! The blade is clearly a good one and makes short work of the briars which have needed tackling for several years. Thank you for such prompt service.
Barry West.


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